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March 8, 2018 | Infosec Outlook

 Public Companies: Cybersecurity a Top Concern in 2018

Corporate directors of public companies rank cybersecurity threats as one of their top four concerns heading into 2018. Other security-related concerns include technology disruptions, increased regulatory burden and global security threats.

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March 7, 2018 | Key Technologies

 Multi-Factor Authentication Market to Reach $20.4 Billion by 2025

The increasing number of cyber attacks around the world has pushed organizations to ramp up their efforts around identity and access management. For instance, the global multifactor authentication market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of (CAGR) of more than 17 percent between 2017 and 2025.

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March 6, 2018 | Budgeting, Sizing

 Top 2018 Security Investment Priorities

Guarding sensitive data (16%), endpoint protection (15%), SIEM/analytics (14%) and in-house expertise (12%) are the top security investment priorities for 2018, according to a global survey of organizations.

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March 5, 2018 | Threats & Incidents

 Overview of Top Big Data Security Concerns in 2018

The top Big Data security issue is that sensitive data can be anywhere – and therefore everywhere – a concern that’s expressed by 34% of global and U.S. respondents. One related concern is that Big Data-generated reports could contain sensitive data (33% global and U.S.), while concerns over privacy regulations at 30% global round out the list of top issues.

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February 26, 2018 | Threats & Incidents

 Phishing: Overview of Attacks in 2017

Three-quarters of all organizations surveyed experienced a phishing attack in 2017. While the number of phishing attacks hasn’t changed from 2016, companies saw a 2 percent increase in phone call phishing attacks and text-message phishing attacks.

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February 12, 2018 | Leadership Skills

 2017 IT and Security Executive Salaries

Salaries for IT and security executives can vary greatly depending on level of experience and geographic location. Mondo found that the high range for CISOs in 2017 was approximately $250,000 per year.

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